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Glide 10 + EN-B = BLACKLIGHT

Available in spring/summer 2012

Tuningen. The new PASSION of U-Turn sets new references in the EN C class, now chief designer Ernst Strobl promises a new High-End wing in the EN B section which pulverizes common performance levels. “Our prototypes reach a glide of 10, and this without trade off in safety”. The new design is called BLACKLIGHT and will be available in summer.


Outstanding Performance but still the high safety of an EN-B wing -to reach this, many innovations are in the BLACKLIGHT only available in U-Turn wings. The BLACKLIGHT got like the PASSION the High Definition Profile (HDP) HDP means: plastic rods on the topsail which covers 45 to 80% of the profile length. “We are calculating and testing now to reach the optimum,” tells Strobl from daily work.


The system accords perfectly with the High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD), the ribs are designed that way that they allow optimal cross ventilation in the wing with a high stability and a dynamic wing characteristic. This technology is borrowed from the THRILLER and is now used in the serial wings. The optimized crossports allow a closed cell in the outer third of the wing to realize a better unfolding characteristic after a collapse.


The BLACKLIGHT will have around 50 cells and an aspect ratio of 5.8. Another reason for the high performance is the use of top-quality NCV fabric materials, (type 27 and 36 and type 40 Skytech-fabric, water-repellent on topsail) which reduces weight in size M below 5kg. Another fact for the glide of 10 is the intelligent line geometry. “Until now we use 12 different types of line in which the line length in total will be reduced by 40%,” so Strobl. Instead of 420m we will use significant less than 300m lines- with enormous advantage in aerodynamics.


The PPN-System instead of the heavy nose reinforcement mylar gives a superb starting, “and thermalling the wing is just a dream”, promises Strobl. Now he is waiting taut for the latest prototypes. “Everything looks very promising, the glide of 10 is made and now we have to fine tune to the optimal trim” Strobl is positive to keep the time schedule.


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