24. May 2018

Crossrock – the Comfort sensation machine to rock the sky

„U-Turn has created a really nice machine. Light, comfortable, high performance in both glide and climb, with good overall handling.“ ZIAD BASSIL

The light all-rounder, built for demanding conditions gives wings to more and more XC-pilots. It provides performance that’s expected on the upper end of the B class paired with the high safety of a mid B glider. The CROSSROCK offers comfort with a good feeling.

The features also delight Ziad Bassil, who put the wing to extensive tests for the newest report on “dust of the universe”. In it Ziad especially points out the outstanding glide performance of the CROSSROCK as well as its relaxed behavior in demanding conditions. The Mid-B wing climbs easily in weak thermal and stays calm in turbulent air. Further Ziad highlights the high efficiency of the Sharknose of CROSSROCK. With it the cruiser virtually cuts through upwind and turbulent air mass.

„In strong thermals and head wind, I think, this is the one of the best U-Turn glider that has an efficient nose to dig in surf the airmass quite gently and move forward with an impressive glide angle that is very close to my reference in the high B category.“

The CROSSROCK offers much comfort with distinctly high performance. It is aimed at all pilots who want to rock kilometers with little weight and a good feeling.

Find the test video here:

and the test report on dustoftheuniverse here