03. October 2019

The Joker offers perfect features for the Superstall to Infinity

The latest Acro maneuver Superstall to Infinity is currently the most technically demanding maneuver in the acro area, which only a handful of exquisite top pilot dares to do.

The infinity tumble is initiated by the superstall. The abundant dynamic characteristics of the Joker competition wing offer the perfect conditions for this. The high internal pressure of the cap in combination with the U-Turn invented valves in the bottom sail (PBV) leaves the wing open even in the superstall. During accelerated starting the wing gets air evenly without bending. To perform the transition to the Infinity Tumble safely, it is crucial that the cap is symmetrically filled. U-Turn is particularly proud of this, and all U-Turn acro team joker pilots (Egor Posokhin, Cesar Arevalo and Andres Villamizar) all master the challenging maneuver. With a 16er Joker and just 65kg takeoff weight, Cesar delivers the most impressive proof of the wing concept. Even with the low wing loading, the wing provides enough dynamics for the Superstall to Infinity, whereas the competition does not achieve such a solid wing tension even with very small sizes. #flyjoker #changingthegame #superstalltoinfinity

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