Chief designer Ernst Strobl counts on the efficiency of simplification at the CROSSROCK. That does not only lead to a weight reduction but also gives the wing its outstanding characteristics. Based on the concept for success
of Blacklight 2 several modifications for the CROSSROCK were made to maintain the form fidelity at long durability. The sharknose provides more stability at higher speeds. The 3D-shaping gives the leading edge a dynamic
tension and elevates - in combination with the Precision Profile Nose (PPN) - the profile fidelity in the nose area. Pre-tensioning of the wing and the ballooning help to provide the perfect flow around the profile through
elaborate calculations. The High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) optimizes the lateral aeration of the crossports and provides a balanced internal pressure of the wing. The line-set-up with three main lines is very straight-forward. Here the newest generation of PPSLS lines are being used, which ensure extremely high loads with minimal diameter.

When choosing the materials just as much value was placed upon the durability as it was on optimized weight management. The little weight of the glider absorbs less energy and thereby facilitates a sweet-tempered
reaction-behavior. The used materials Skytex 32 and Skytex 27 have double coating and are superior to heavy materials because of the little weight. The materials were tested under harsh criteria for long-term durability.

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The glider is available in three attractive color schemes and in four sizes from XS (55 - 80 kg) to L (95 - 120 kg). Let‘s rock! Arrange a test flight and see for yourself!

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