Highschool / Intermediate / XC

Obsession 5

XS 20,97 / S 22,97 / SM 24,97 / M 27,07 / L 29,16

Fun factor with addictive potential

The modern cross-country wing with optimised power-to-weight ratio brings uncompromising glide power with low-end relaxation to the track. With an obsessive joy of climbing, the lightweight wing, which is suitable for everyday use, turns relentlessly towards the base even in weak thermals and cuts through turbulent air masses with cultivated calm. The OBSESSION 5 offers a high level of passive safety with sporty, direct handling. Its balance between safety, performance and lightness make the OBSESSION an all-round insider tip for limitless adventures. 

The OBSESSION 5 delivers the easy way to unleash your potential and is characterised by its successful handling. It combines damped good-naturedness and agile reaction behaviour in a balanced concept that brings the fun factor to the course. Its powerful profile converts even weak thermals into efficient climbing, while its smoothness is remarkable. The OBSESSION 5 is the ideal companion for all those who want to start their trip with ease

The OBSESSION 5 delivers the easy way to unleash your potential - relentless and obsessive, the low B wing is all about soaring upwards

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The companion for all climbers, regardless of whether your trip takes you to the base, to the higher class or to the launch site on the summit.

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