S 23 / M 27 / L 31

In order to provide the profile nose with the greatest possible protection when packing the glider, U-Turn is now offering the convenient U-Turn T-Bag. Besides the protective function, the Tube-Bag has a numerous other well thought-out details.

Even on windy days one can carefully and single-handedly fold the INFINITY III and store it accordion fashion in this high-quality inner packsack. This ensures that U-Turn gliders preserve their excellent take-off and flight qualities for many years – an advantage that can favourably influence the resale value. The tube-bag consists of high-quality, breathable material and is internally lined with an extra gentle cloth. The tube-bag is padded in the area where the leading edge of the glider is located. Together with the elaborate seams and the YKK zippers, the new U-Turn bag meets the highest functional and quality demands.

Never has it been so easy to pack a glider in such a careful manner. The tube-bag can be folded as necessary to store in the actual backpack for transportation. The tub-bag is equipped laterally with a circumferential net structure. This allows moisture to escape even when in a consolidated state.

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