09. June 2017

U-Turn Acro team manager Florent Graffouillere turns heads in the French TV.

For the series Riding Zone Flo Graff puts the youtuber VodK under the impact of g-forces and pilotes the dynamic host through the Infintiy Tumbling.

The French Youtube-star Valentin is only 24 years old and meets different sportive challenges as BMX professional in his channel. His paragliding episode is titled LA PEUR DE MA VIE! which translates to “The fear of my life!”.
Acro professional Florent Graffouillere guides his passenger very carefully to the play with gravity. Flo Graff performs the most dynamic art of flying in three different disciplines as the only pilot worldwide. Whether it is with paraglider, glider pilot or motorized aerobatics, no junction is safe from Flo Graff. Rather he lives his passion on an ambitioned professional level. The exceptionally gifted multidiscipline pilot gained fame with his short-film “Above the Gravity” in which Flo Graffs acrobatics-trilogy was recorded in spectacular pictures by star-director Shams. Shams is also responsible for the camera in this adventure and does not leave one moment unrecorded. The spectacle was aired on French TV on Sunday and results on VodKs Youtube channel already with more than 400.000 views.
Flo Graff uses the only paraglider built for Tandem-Infinity – U-Turn Twinforce RE4. The wing is an advancement of the acro tandem by U-Turn which was built for the world premiere of double-seated Infinity Tumbling, realized by the world cup winners Pal and Gabor for the first time. The innovative wing is a technical masterpiece, since the demands are immense due to the extremely high loads on the material. In the newest generation the findings of countless Twinforce operating hours and thousands of Infintiy Tumblings were utilized. As pioneer in innovation U-Turn follows the tradition to expand and newly define the flyable limits since day one and has a formative influence on the acro scene with many innovations until today. Additionally U-Turn contributes a crucial contribution to continuously optimizing the safety in the young discipline.

Movie of the Youtuber VodK

Movie of Riding Zone the French TV