18. January 2018

The synergy of innovation

The line manufacturer Liros is developing another market revolution with the newest PPSLS line. It is the thinnest, most resistant and most durable paragliding line on the market.

The long-established company produces technical fiber ropes since 1854 for countless demanding applications with a focus on industry and sports. Liros has long become the established market leader in the area of paraglider and parachute lines.

Innovation is the driving force for the company Liros. Therefore it is self-explanatory, that U-Turn as another innovative pioneer and world market leader in the area of aerobatics trusts in the newest product. Besides countless constructive innovations, U-Turn strives to continuously forward material developments. This is the only way to implement real product innovations.

Best example is the newest LTF-B XC-wing CROSSROCK. At the everyday travel-glider in lightweight design only PPSLS lines are used. An intelligent mix of the newest materials provides an unmatchable pack & performance relation with enormous long-term durability. For everyone who wants to travel light. The considerably smaller line diameter of the PPSLS line results in clearly enhanced performance at an even higher breaking load. The line is produced out of the high tech fiber Dyneema® SK99. The line 100 % made in Germany.

Below you see the new U-Turn high tech wing with the newest line generation PPSLS, also published in the new corporate film of Liros. We are particularly happy that Liros decided to present another mile stone for the innovation reference CROSSROCK. The elegant glider is piloted by none other than the exceptional athlete Mike Küng.

And action – the new LIROS spot

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