10. July 2019

As the world‘s first person he paraglided all the continents.

For the first time, a person succeeded to paraglide in the most extraordinary places of all continents with the probably the simplest aircraft.
The Tuningen-based paraglider manufacturer views this project as another confirmation of its high-tech wings and strengthened in its pioneering position. It was a big challenge to give the exceptional pilot the perfect material for the most adverse and sometimes challenging flying conditions. So the best mix between minimum weight and durability had to be found. The highest maxim, however, is safety which is ensured by the Tuningen-based development center with countless technical features and U-Turn continuously sets new safety standards in the paragliding scene with their products.

Petar Loncar belongs to the world elite of the paragliding pilots and is not afraid of any adventure. The globetrotter comes from Serbia and learned paragliding there. He is part of the U-Turn Acro Team and trusts in the quality of U-Turn wings for several years now. The passionate adventurer has long dreamt of this project to fly in the most spectacular paragliding spots on all continents. With his most recent flight in Australia he made his bold vision reality. Overall, he travelled 65 countries.

The adventure for Loncar started in Europe, where he has travelled countless flying spots with the paraglider, including the well-known flying paradise Oludeniz in Turkey. Due to the enormous height difference is often used for paragliding acrobatics training. In Africa the exceptional pilot flew through parts of Namibia and later the most spectacular spots in Cape Town – these include the Table Mountain and Lions Head. For touring the Asian continents the adventurer started in Mongolia and flew in the Gobi Desert where he had no connection to the outside world for several days. In the absolute loneliness and without mobile phone reception he flies two days to the next sign of civilization. The temperature fluctuations and desert climate demanded everything from his physique and from the material. In such endeavors you need to rely on your equipment one hundred per cent, Loncar is praising the company based in Tuningen. From the desert he travelled to India and Pakistan where he was confronted with the high alpine conditions and extreme heights of the Himalayan mountains. Epic flights at heights of more than 6000 meters – during that he succeeded at a seven hours flight with more than 190 km of distance in thin and icy air. Loncar took the North American Continent from the impressive urban backdrop of Vancouver. Petar traveled through almost every South American country with his paraglider while he would put Chile, Ecuador and Patagonia at the top of his list. Arguably the most difficult challenge and thus the most extreme adventure for the experienced aviator were the sensational icescapes of the Antarctica. The naccessible terrain, strong winds and extreme minus degrees made flying a challenge and brought not only the pilot but also the material to the limits of resilience. When our paragliders are able to withstand such extreme conditions, one appreciates the high development input on a whole other level, says U-Turn founder Thomas Vosseler. As the last continent on Petar Loncars list he visited Australia where he realized his dream of a cross-country flight over Manilla. He could not fully understand it right at the beginning until the happiness came over him. Loncar feels privileged to do what the loves and the impressive places of the world he was able to travel. U-Turn congratulates him on this spectacular success!

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