05. December 2015

World Air Games in Dubai with strong contribution by U-Turn

The paraglider manufacturer U-Turn, based in Tuningen, is proud to have 8 nominated team pilots on-site.

At this very moment the world elite of athletes in aviation is assembling at the FAI World Air Games in Dubai. The first international and multidisciplinary aviation sport spectacle and the biggest event ever hosted in this area. Up to 12 December over 900 athletes compete against one another in a total of 19 flying disciplines. The World Air Games are carried out under the rules of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI). The Event is unequivocally the sportive highlight of the year for all fans of aviation sport and at the same time counts as world championship. Dubai is offering the perfect venue with its spectacular backdrop at summerly temperatures.
For the mega-event only 27 top pilots from all over the world were nominated in the category of paraglider acrobatics. The paraglider manufacturer U-Turn, based in Tuningen, is proud to have 8 nominated team pilots on-site. Nicole Schmidt and the whole world cup second placed synchro team with David Geiser and Jérémy Peclard. Only pilots who were able to collect the most points during the world cup season were nominated.

U-Turn is world market leader in the area of highly developed acrobatic flight paragliders. So the above average contribution of the pilots of the U-Turn Acro Team is not a surprise, since they can rely on the best material that is available on the market. The pilots are competing with the current acro wings Blackout and Thriller. The paragliding acrobatic is not only very demanding for the pilots but also the material is being stretched to the limit. Nevertheless the wing needs to react to the control pulses absolutely precisely and without delay. The headmost maxim in the development of paragliders by U-Turn is the safety and so the innovations forge with numerous revolutionary features is contributing to the very high safety level of the whole sport of paragliding.

U-Turn wishes all pilots a successful competition

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