Base of the multifunctional glider is the established EMOTION. This is clearly noticeable in it‘s very sweet tempered and mistake forgiving features, because the PARAMOTION is also equipped with the Automatic Flight Stabilisation (AFS). This innovative system by U-Turn intervenes if the air gets turbulent. This technique is possible through a precise calculation of the pre-tensioning at the end of the wing. Whilst the sail is gliding through smooth air, the internal pressure of the wing keeps the trailing edge neutral, but if the pressure on the inside of the wing sinks, the system is correcting immediately. The glider is being slightly braked automatically through the pre-tensioning.

The Precision Profile Nose system is providing stability in the profile nose through plastic reinforcements in the seams and optimizes the flow alongside the whole cell opening area. Chief designer Ernst Strobl is arranging the
line concept with four line levels and 3 main lines per level. Additionally the riser is equipped with the B-Flight system (BFS). Two color-coded control loops on the B-risers are enabling steerable aids of decending - the
B-flight. Through equal soft pulling the glider is going into the B-flight without tipping over and even reaches up to 5 m/s. With according release of the outer B-loops it is steerable during that.

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