The exceptional glide and rise power from this agile wing are also guaranteeing loads of fun when flying thermal. That way, chief-designer Ernst Strobl is relying on a very powerful profile, which despite the relatively low surface is turning thermal lift in height. The high turn propensity and dynamic are enabling a very narrow centering. The high security cushion and mistake-forgiving tolerance of the wing are also relevant when it comes to flying in thermal lift. With that, U-Turn’s High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) is ensuring optimized lateral air supply, is compensating quickly for air pressure differences during turbulences inside the wing and by that ensures balanced internal pressure. Responsible for the stability of the profile nose is the Precision Profile Nose system (PPN) and optimizes the flow alongside the whole cell opening.

Four levels of lines, each with 3 main lines per riser are catering for an optimized force transmission. Additionally the forces are being dispensed perfectly, even when highly strained like during balloon or chopper jumps, through the intelligent arrangement of the starting points. The riser is equipped with the Stabilo Security Function (SSF), by a rubber line fixed on the riser the stabilo line is graspable very fast in needed situations.

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