U-Turn is cultivating the passion on progress. The constant search for innovative technical and throughout high-performance solutions, always serves a higher safety standard in paragliding. Here is an overview of our most important innovations.

Automatic Flight Stabilisation

The innovative system by U-Turn steps in if the air gets turbulent. This technique is possible through a precise calculation of the pre-tensioning at the end of the wing.

Break Gathering System

Through this system the range of of the trailing edge is shortened, which positively influences the brake characteristics.

B-Flight System

Two color-coded control loops on the B-risers are enabling steerable aids of decending – the B-flight.

Extended Aeration System

During normal inflow the additional openings in the upper sail are closed. This is caused by the internal pressure and the air swirl, which occurs because of the inflowing air in the leading part of the wing profile.

High Definition Profile

Plastic-rods are worked into the upper side of the profile of the wing and cover between 45 and 80 per cent cord.

High Pressure Crossport Design

It provides an ideal cross aeration of the crossports, that helps to balance the pressure differences on the inside of the wing efficiently and therefore ensures a balanced internal pressure in the whole wing.

Line Loop Protection

A spliced-in Kevlar-core in the connection flap is protecting the loop and reducing the surface pressure at the line conjunctions.

Mini Ribs

Mini ribs are optimizing the wing profile alongside the trailing edge and are thereby providing a better braking characteristics.

Multible Speed System

An additional flap on the riser is enabling a variable hook-on height of the speed bar pulley and therefore provides a bigger accleration distance.

Pilot Assistent

Color-codings as well as icons are providing a fast overview – to have better orientaion on the risers.

Pressure Balance Valves

The established valves in the bottom sail are providing additional aeration in extreme angles of attack.

Precision Profile Nose

The established valves in the bottom sail are providing additional aeration in extreme angles of attack.

Stabilo Security Function

With a rubber line, positioned on the riser, the stabilo line, which is led on a pulley, is easily graspable and you can react faster when making a swaying movement.

Zipper Flexible System

Through the built-in zipper the wing can be made smaller, which enables an extended weight range and a flexible handling in usage – the cells can be stored in the glider.

3D Shape

The 3D shaping is providing specific tension control of the wing and therefore optimized balooning and wrinkle-free outline guidance.